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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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IT - Software/Services
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MercuryMinds Technologies is an established provider of flexible, reliable and cost effective online business solutions specifically in E-Commerce, Retail Commerce, M-Commerce, Social Commerce and TV Commerce for SMBs & large enterprises. MercuryMinds gives trustworthy solutions and services with respect to the client requirements using our industry expertise and technological astuteness.

MercuryMinds technologies was founded in 2008 and has 60+ skilled IT experts. Till now, MercuryMinds has designed and developed more than 350+ online shopping businesses for various industries. With offices in Chennai and Pondicherry, MercuryMinds serves commerce business needs for more than 300 clients worldwide.

MercuryMinds has won many awards & accolades from various leading industry bodies. Achievements includes Nasscom Emerge 50 and mobile webaward from “Web Marketing Associations” for best mobile application.

MercuryMinds Technologies Pvt Ltd

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